Qualification qualities for the specialty-pre-School schooling.

Competent exercise with the specialist is geared toward the event, schooling and instruction of youngsters of early, preschool and preschool age

The graduate needs to be ready for pedagogical, organizational, managerial, academic actions. details In accordance while using the prerequisites of contemporary culture, a expert will need to have a excessive level of exercise humanistic beliefs targeted on universal values. A specialist are advised to combine broad essential and simple education to grasp his job, be ready to apply to apply the obtained education, to have pedagogical instruments and options of labor from the specialist of preschool schooling. The purpose of the graduates for the specialty often is the education and learning, exercise and advancement of kids while in the functional work of preschool companies, orphanages. Sphere of top notch activity: The sphere of experienced activity of graduates in the specialty is-the area of schooling: instruction, working out and development of kids of preschool age in accordance when using the Elementary minimum amount subject matter belonging to the Basic training system of preschool training and teaching of youngsters from an individual to six several years.

Objects of certified activity:

The objects of specialist activity of graduates are: educational companies, pre-school companies, mini-centers, pedagogical schools, departments of education, institutes of enhancement of qualified talent. Topics of specialist exercise: The topics of top notch activity are: targets, objectives, subject material, sorts of firm of training and education, benefits, approaches to put into play the requirements of the notion of education within the Republic of Kazakhstan. Styles of skilled activity: – instruction, workout, progression and development in the temperament of the preschooler; – business of your process of schooling and coaching, administration belonging to the pedagogical approach; – diagnostics, correction, forecasting of benefits of pedagogical exercise; finding out, generalization, distribution of innovative practical experience with the sphere of preschool education. Certified capabilities: Features of experienced activity from the specialist of preschool schooling and schooling are: the business of assorted functions of children of preschool age, management of means of formation and growth for the temperament. Needs for key element competencies inside specialty 0101000 – pre-School training and upbringing know: – with regard to the phenomena and laws of advancement of character, society and person; – for the enhancement of culture: variety of cultures, civilization, types of social knowledge, the place of Kazakhstan with the world-historical course of action; know: – scientific and theoretical bases and regularities of education, exercising, growth of preschool young boys and girls, options of education of children of early childhood; – fundamentals of your legislative plan for the Republic of Kazakhstan, legal, ethical and moral criteria from the subject of qualified professional exercise; – patterns of psychological development, age and unique characteristics in the kid’s psyche; – the role of intellectual progression as 1 in the most crucial problems with making ready a child for varsity; – new forms of pre-school businesses at present phase; – the essence of contemporary educational systems, leading-edge pedagogical, domestic, ethnic practical knowledge inside organization of training and education and learning; – the principle kinds of violations of kid enhancement; – the put and role of preschool pedagogy and personal techniques in the process of interdisciplinary researching in fixing practical dilemmas of training, schooling and personal progression of preschool children; – traits with the predicament of development within the kid’s identity inside the loved ones from the new types of pre-school organizations at this time phase. know: – to investigate the key financial procedures around the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad; – to investigate the record of preschool pedagogy and the current point out of domestic and foreign preschool pedagogy; – reveal the defining designs of mental progress of youngsters as well as their association with instruction and instruction; – utilize modern day practices of scientific examine, developed in psychological and pedagogical science, to grasp the ways of processing the particular material; – to reveal the psychological framework of every choice of kid’s exercise, to indicate the styles of its enhancement through preschool childhood; possess the skills: – development and implementation from the instructional technique of preschool institutions; – mental, ethical, actual physical, social, aesthetic, economic, environmental education and learning and development of children of early, preschool and preschool age. be qualified: – from the field of training: to be aware of the main components, functions of operating and advancement, concept and exercise of instruction and instruction, potential clients for renewal and growth; – in comprehending the part of psychological components in resolving the issues of schooling, education to be in a position to determine psychological trouble within their specialty; – from the suggests of analysis and correction of specific attributes of preschool boys and girls.

Pre-school instruction and education

Objective: to be sure equivalent entry to level of quality pre-school training and teaching Concentrate on indicator: proportion of children aged 3-6 several years enrolled in pre-school education and preparation on updated content material Tasks: one. To improve the quality within the teaching staff of pre-school businesses and expand the prestige of the instructing career. By 2020, its prepared to enhance the share of teachers in pre-school businesses with specialised larger and technological and vocational schooling to fifty %. To achieve this indicator, the state academic order for that exercising of teachers in universities and faculties within the specialty „pre – School training and training“ is going to be elevated every year (in 2015, 1 805 grants had been allocated in schools, 295 grants in universities, in 2019 in colleges – as many as two,200, in universities – as much as 350 grants). Its also prepared to switch to unbiased certification of educating staff members for pre-school schooling and preparation in 2019. Every single yr, about 7,000 academics of pre-school education and exercising will undertake working out programs with the expense of the spending budget. Also, lecturers of pre-school businesses will annually raise their capabilities at the price of extra-budgetary resources. 2. Grow the network of pre-school businesses having under consideration the demographic circumstances. Pre-school corporations will establish each quantitatively and qualitatively, will likely to be concentrated on assembly the necessities with the inhabitants, using under consideration the demographic position. By 2020, 186.three thousand new places will undoubtedly be produced (2016 – forty seven.4 thousand; 2017 – 41.nine thousand; 2018 – forty four.six thousand; 2019 – 52.4 thousand), which will maximize the rate of coverage of kids, including from low-income people, preschool education and learning and working out. These destinations could be presented for the expense of growth of the network of your preschool corporations with extensive working day of labor by gradual transformation within the mini-centers with short-term working day of labor in extensive within the price of usually means within the regional price range and mechanisms of PPP. Active and focused information regarding the benefits of PPPs as well as the placement on the state instructional will sakasavesa appreciable development of personal preschools. New common initiatives with the building and operation of pre-school businesses situated within the 1st floor of residential complexes, such as by PPP, may be developed. In 2019, the amount of rooms of psychological and pedagogical correction will improve from one hundred thirty five units to 263 units. three. Update the articles of pre-school training and exercise directed at good quality planning of kids for school. Since 2016, the current Point out pre-school instruction and workout plan shall be launched, created getting under consideration the early growth of kids from one to three ages, Common training design program of pre-school schooling and working out and educational system of pre-school preparation. Considering the fact that 2017, all companies of preschool education and schooling will slowly introduce factors in the system of multilingual schooling with the review of Kazakh, Russian and English languages. By 2017, a system of indicators will probably be created and applied to trace the development of techniques in little ones in pre-school businesses. Diagnosis will be performed with the commencing, middle and end of the university 12 months (establishing control, intermediate and remaining), the outcome are filled inside of the „observation Sheets“. Relating to the foundation for the been given information, an individual child progression card is filled in. Work will keep on for the development and implementation of instructional and methodical complexes (hereinafter-UMK), together with specialized plans for youngsters with distinctive instructional requires for 8 variations of violations. Pre-school preparation of 6-year-olds will be transformed into the 1st quality of a 12-year college from your 2019-2020 school year. From 2017, with the expenditure of extra-budgetary cash, the system of length knowing for fogeys to treatment for children of preschool age as well as their advancement (no less than two thousand mother and father of children 1-6 several years aged who don’t go to preschool corporations in each region) shall be analyzed and implemented through the portal „??????.kz“. four. To further improve management and monitoring on the growth of pre-school education and exercising. The notification technique to the commencing and termination of things to do inside discipline of pre-school instruction and instruction is going to be even further enhanced, and that’s directed at strengthening command above the things to do of pre-school companies and rising the accountability within the topics of pre-school instruction. Each individual year, 20 percent of pre-school schooling institutions will undertake the course of action of state certification so that they can control the compliance of educational products aided by the conditions from the point out compulsory traditional of pre-school education and learning and preparation. In accordance while using Principle of social development in the Republic of Kazakhstan until finally 2030, do the job will carry on to enhance the technique of assessment of instructional achievements. Educational systems of highly developed training programs during the area of administration are going to be current, that will be qualified every year by 20 percent of heads of preschool companies. The educational programs of leading-edge training classes will include revolutionary kinds of management for the enhancement of leadership features inside a new paradigm of schooling. Measures shall be taken to build a society of nourishment among the preschool boys and girls, including through the advertising of the balanced healthful food plan and making sure their intake of natural and refreshing products.